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Add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom with the MiBed Wilburton King Size Adjustable Bed with Shallow Base & Mattress Set. The adjustable bed is remote controlled and its design has a luxurious classic style to the headboard that adds warmth and comfort to the room.

These are the only adjustable beds made entirely in one UK factory. The result is superior quality that your body will love, so you can utterly unwind and sleep blissfully. It's all about the base ... Each MiBed base has Motion Intelligence to relieve minor aches and pains. You can adjust it to perfectly support different areas of your body. It's Healthier too. Our beds improve circulation as you can adjust the angle you sleep at to put less pressure on your heart.

You can adjust each bed to support your spine's natural contours. This gives you a healthier posture and relieves any pressure put on your joints, giving you a deeper, more restful sleep.

All our models have a high specification with customisable options such as the upholstery fabric colour and the mattress type so you can create a bespoke bed that's made just for you.

To perfectly complement your MiBed, It comes with headboard in the same matching fabric. All our headboards are in standard bed widths.

Please note : Bed and mattress set comes in two single bases and mattresses. The two bases are linked by our technicians for you to make a king size bed or can be left unconnected if you prefer.

With all of our King size adjustable beds you can select to have 1 x King size headboard as shown in the images above or else to have 2 x Small Single headboards - one for each of the beds so that they can be used both pushed together and also separately.

  • 5 Part K Frame for unique, customisable support to different areas of your body.
  • Supplied with 9" solid wooden skittle legs.
  • Sprung beech slats with a natural 'give', offering you improved back support.
  • Emergency lowering motor to lower the bed in the event of a power cut.
  • Mattress retainer to prevent slippage
  • Optional Upgrade to include massage function - £250 per single bed
  • 15 Year Guarantee on frame and mechanism.
  • Ergonomic remote control to raise/lower the back, the feet or both.
  • 5 Year Motor Guarantee
  • 20 fabrics available - see the full choice of top quality fabric

All our adjustable beds are supplied with a choice of 3 high quality mattresses.

    Medium Feel
  • 50mm of memory foam on 1000ct pocket springs
  • Viscose quilted zip-off cover
  • Foam encapsulated for edge-to-edge support
  • Treated with Adaptive
  • Supports weight up to 18 stone

  • Soft Feel
  • 50mm memory foam on reflex foam
  • Viscose quilted zip-off cover
  • Foam encapsulated for edge-to-edge support
  • Treated with Adaptive
  • Supports weight up to 18 stone

  • Firm Feel
  • 50mm memory foam on reflex foam
  • Viscose quilted zip-off cover
  • Foam encapsulated for edge-to-edge support
  • Treated with Adaptive
  • Supports weight up to 25 stone

VAT Exemption

*All our Adjustable beds are available with full VAT exemption for people with a qualifying medical condition. This will give you 20% off the displayed price. Click here for more information on how to claim.

*If you would like the optional massage function upgrade then please contact us.

*For more information on the potential health benefits of using an adjustable bed please read this.

Wilburton King Size Adjustable Bed with Shallow Base

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About the Supplier

The Made to Last range of products are our own brand of products where we work directly with manufacturers to create high quality products that fit our ethos of high quality and long lasting products that are great value for money.

All products sold on MADE TO LAST have a clear guarantee shown on the product page. Customers can therefore judge the true cost and value of a product.


20 colours available - see below
County of manufacture:
West Midlands
Mattress: 2 x 2ft 6 (Width) x 6ft 6 inches (Length) x 8 inches (Depth)
Base: 2 x 2ft 6 (Width) x 6ft 6 inches (Length) x 17 inches (Height)
Height from floor to top of mattress: 2ft
Headboard: 2 x 2ft 6 (Width) x 3ft 10 inches (height from floor)

Mattress: 2 x 76cm(Width) x 200cm (Length) x 20cm (Depth)
Base: 2 x 76cm (Width) x 200cm (Length) x 43cm (Height)
Height from floor to top of mattress: 63cm
Headboard: 2 x 76cm (Width) x 117cm (height from floor)
Base weight: 2 x 36kg
Mattress weight: 2 x 18kg
Headboard weight: 2 x 7kg

Variations / Options








Delivery Cost:
£ 69.00
Delivery Time:
55 Working Days
Delivery Info:
Delivery & Installation will be a white glove 2 person service to the room of your choice. You will be contacted once the workshop have completed construction of your new adjustable bed. You will be offered a choice of delivery time slots that best suit you. Please use your mobile phone number if you have one on the checkout page when you place your order so that the delivery people can exchange messages with you. Our friendly technicians will fully install your adjustable bed and then show you how to operate it (It is very easy).


Return Period:
14 Days

If your adjustable bed arrives and you are not 100% happy with it then please give us a call or email us within 14 days and we will be happy to pick it up and take it away. We will then refund you in full for the cost of the product.

Please note that we will need to charge you for the cost of the collection which is £89. Of course if there is something wrong with it then we will collect the product and fix it free of charge or send a person to fix the issue.

We would appreciate you ordering some fabric samples prior to ordering the adjustable bed as this helps to ensure that you are happy prior to your bed arriving. If you have any concerns or questions prior to ordering then please give us a call on 01223 967901 or else Contact us.

*In order to return, the adjustable bed must be unused and the mattress still fully wrapped in the plastic cover. We won't be able to accept the return if the bed has been used.

*It is vital that you check your product carefully before signing the delivery note. If there is anything wrong with your product this must be mentioned on the delivery note when you sign for it.


Guarantee 15 Years
Guarantee Length:
15 years
Guarantee Terms:
We are exceptionally proud of the products that we make at Made to Last so offer a 15 year frame guarantee on this product. The 15 year frame guarantee covers the full structure of the bed for any manufacturing errors that may occur within the guarantee period.
However - It does not cover misuse by the customer - the product will not work well as a trampoline ;-)


UK & Europe
County of Manufacture:
West Midlands

Care & Maintenance

The following guidelines must be adhered to at all times, failure to do so may make your adjustable bed guarantee invalid.

  • For mattresses with a 'turn' label please; turn your mattress fortnightly for the first 3 months, side to side and head to toe.
  • For mattresses with a 'rotate' label please rotate head to toe fortnightly for the first 3 months and then every other month thereafter.
  • Air your bed once a month by stripping the bedclothes and leaving for a few hours.
  • Check regularly that the fixings are tight, they may work themselves loose over time.
  • Use a mattress protector to prolong the life of your bed.
  • Only enter the adjustable bed when it is in a flat position.
  • Removable mattress covers are dry clean only. DO NOT WASH.
  • Upholstery Care Guide
    Our guarantee does not cover the general wear and tear of fabrics. Please ensure the following guidelines have been adhered to as failure to do so will invalidate your guarantee.
    Major cleaning of fabric must be conducted by an upholstery specialist. A multitude of fabrics consisting of different materials, fibres and constructions make up the adjustable bed fabrics. As a result of this, it is difficult to provide generalised cleaning instructions, therefore it is recommended that any major cleaning is conducted by an upholstery specialist.

    Minor stains
    Some stains can be removed by means of a damp (not over wet) cloth and soapy water or mild detergent if necessary. It is recommended that any chemicals are pretested in an inconspicuous area of the product. After cleaning the test area please check the compatibility of the fabrics used, specifically monitoring if any colours have faded or any shrinkage has occurred. If a ring remains around the stain after cleaning, youメll need to deep clean the entire product. For more stubborn stains, please consult a professional cleaning company.

    Third Party Treatments
    Made to Last will not accept liability for upholstery problems caused by any third parties when applying fabric protection.

    Fabric Fading
    To reduce fabric fading avoid letting direct sunlight on product by using blinds or curtains.

    In the event of a spillage the surface must first be blotted dry with an absorbent colour fast cloth or plain kitchen roll. Avoid using coloured towels or printed paper towels as they may transfer dye or ink to the upholstery.

  • DO NOT apply excessive pressure / rub the spillage as this could permanently damage the fabric.
  • If a large amount is spilled, remove as much as possible with clean towelling, a scraper or spoon; blot up the rest, then treat any remaining stains in the same manner as a minor clean.
  • Please note, fabrics with a high cotton content are at risk of becoming lighter after spot cleaning.
  • Pile Crush
    All pile fabrics, including Chenilles, are subject to a certain degree of shading or 'pile crush'. This is not a fabric fault, but the effect of 'pile crush' can be minimised (not eliminated) by using a soft brush to lightly brush the pile in a different direction over areas that show signs of wear.

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