The Hench Large Oak Chopping Board

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The Hench Large Oak Chopping Board is an extra large grooved oak steak plank measuring 60 cm long by 30 cm wide, and approximately 4 cm thick (+/- 3 cm). Each Hench Large Oak Chopping Board has a 45 degree angle on each board edge. It is made from one piece of English oak by Prisoners with a rustic style

The Hench Large Oak Chopping Board

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Roughstuff Oak boards are made by the prisoners at our local prison. Their processes are second to none as they are full ISO 9002 compliant with absolutely everything having a procedure. We try wherever possible to source locally, our oak is guaranteed to come from the UK.


Natural Oak
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60cm x 28cm x 4cm all edges @ 45" angle


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£ 10.20
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21 Days
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14 Days
Please email or call us on the details given to you in your order confirmation email


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Service rating : I thought the lady I spoke to was very friendly and understanding. I liked the idea of supporting a business that was trying to educate and rehabilitate offenders and teach them a skill.
I also thought that the names of the various
chopping boards were well chosen with an element of humour and self deprecation. Some of the grooves round the edge to collect meat juices were a little crude at the corners.I liked the large Hench board but I think it might be worth considering making one that was about 50% wider, I think there would be a market for it.I do like the fact that the board was quite thick.
Product : Excellent product with an artisan.feel to it.
Wonderful initiative to train offenders with a life skill they can use when they rejoin society. The idea could be rolled out country wide. Try contacting the High Sheriff of your County to tell.him/her what you are doing. Get the support of the Prison Governor and Chief Constable!
- Martyn Hart Read more »


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No quibble - within reason


United Kingdom
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