Wrightson and Platt


about us

Wrightson and Platt is a small British company specialising in exquisitely detailed life-cast sculpture and jewellery.

Famed for their exceptional heirloom-quality casts of baby hands and feet, the company also uses its considerable artistic and technical expertise to create stunning pieces of jewellery cast from natural and manmade objects.

The company, which started out on a market stall in Spitalfields Market, has gone on to provide a luxury service to The Portland Hospital and expand internationally, with casting artists in New York, Hong Kong and Dubai.

Widely recognised as the best in the world at capturing every tiny detail, W&P produce a wide range of work from bespoke life-size sculptures in bronze, silver or glass, through to exceptional jewellery cast from seeds, spices, nuts and even big cat claws and shark's teeth!

With an emphasis on the best quality materials and using talented artists to finesse the casts in their South London atelier, the company has established a niche market for those wanting to capture beautiful objects, including their own babies' hands and feet, in the most intricate and intimate way imaginable.



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