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Born in New York, Sasha moved to London by accident when her composer father came over to orchestrate the film ‘The Wall’ for Pink Floyd. After completing her degree in Zoology, she started making jewellery initially to fund her traveling and wildlife conservation work and became fascinated with jewellery and design. She eventually moved to Kenya, designed and built an eco lodge with her husband, and there gained a passion for traditional methods of jewellery making. Back in London, she studied goldsmithing and researched antique jewellery styles and techniques to develop her design style.

Now living in London with her young family, Sasha hand sculpts pieces in wax for casting using the ancient ‘lost wax’ method, which has produced jewellery and other metal objects for thousands of years. Her work is inspired by nature, especially British and Kenyan wildlife and the rich history of Jewellery design.



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