Rough Stuff Oak Boards


about us

After branding a local restaurant we were asked to source quality oak boards to serve food. We couldn’t find any anywhere so over a weekend, a few beers, a router and chop saw, we made them ourselves. Our boards were raved about so much so that we were contacted by a restaurant supplier to go and meet with a celebrity chef who went mad for them, at this point we realised we had something. Roughstuff was born and we now design and make (not made directly by us any more I hasten to add!) literally thousands of boards a month for some of the best-known hotels and restaurants.

Whilst walking our dogs around our local prison we had an idea – why not use the prison to make our boards. This ticked a lot of boxes for Roughstuff because it fits with our values and ethos. We worked with the Prison for over 18 months to get things right, we overcame many challenges before we switched our supply.

We have a great working relationship with the The Mount Prison bringing new pride, skills and job discipline to the prisoners. Recently we helped our first ex-prisoner find a job on the outside.

Their processes are second to none as they are full ISO 9002 compliant with absolutely everything having a procedure. A little bit different to Roughstuff ways but a great discipline for us to get into.

Because of all this hard work, we can now put simple, quality design into the prison and quality product comes out of the gates. Read more about Rough Stuff Prison here.



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