Quantock Clothing


about us

Quantock started as an idea questioning reasons why we always seem to buy clothes from abroad now? Are we no longer a great nation of makers? Could we start to make more clothes in this country? Could we make people feel special about buying clothes made in this country?

For us, making customers feel special is all about them knowing they have bought a high quality, aspirational product that is Made in England. Made in England to the high standards rightly expected of us. Made in England sustainably by passionate and skilled people using high quality fabrics and backed up with phenomenal levels of customer service. Service that makes every touch point straightforward to ensure an exceptional experience. On those rare occasions when we don't get it right, we will wow the customer with our recovery and always ask the question "how can we do even better?" and never "was everything alright?"

We chose the name Quantock as it is derived from the Celtic language that in turn names the Quantock Hills in North Somerset, England - an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and great history that epitomises our English heritage. Something we feel proud of and something that makes us feel good about who we are, therefore complimenting our ethos of making our customers feel special.



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