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Netherton Foundry is a family owned business located in South Shropshire. We sit right in the birthplace of the European Industrial Revolution. We wish to look again at the values that inspired this amazing period of creativity and energy. However, we also wish to learn from their mistakes and avoid the misuse of this beautiful county. Our company objective is to design and build quality products made from materials sourced in Shropshire and its neighbouring counties. In our own small way, we are committed to reducing our impact on this fragile plant by building products that will last, from materials we trust.


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I’ve been waiting three weeks so far and counting...
I still have not received my order
Date: March 22, 2018
What, who from but no when
Having accepted my order I have had no further update on delivery date. I understand that the manufacturers supply but some idea would be helpful.
by Verified Customer
Date: December 12, 2017
Cast iron slow cooker & flax oil
Extremely helpful, fast delivery and beautifully made, and the food tastes wonderful
Natural Flax Oil
Easy to apply, followed the instructions and it made the cast iron pot look like new
by Tina Taylor
Date: August 09, 2017
First class
Order proceeded easily online and delivery was exactly when promised.
Spun Iron 10" Frying Pan
I am just getting used to it and are not sure what to expect. It's a long time since we experienced wrought iron. We like it and after one failure our pancakes for the grandchildren worked well with little adhesion.
Natural Flax Oil
I think it works though still finding out how often and how much to apply. We have followed the guidance and expect satisfactory outcomes.
by Hilda Lunn
Date: July 04, 2017

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