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Muscar Fluffy Lights
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Muscar Fluffy Lights

About Muscar Fluffy Lights

Muscar is a light that you can hold. It is the first lightbulb the can be experienced for its warmth and feel, as well as for its lighting. Muscar's innovative, furry coating allows the light to go through while transmitting the bulb's heat in a different way. So muscar can be left on a soft surface such as the carpet, the sofa or a blanket without damaging them. Or it can sit at your lap, while you read. Get your hands on it! It is made for it.

White muscar gives a bright light, one you can use to light a room, or to study by. Black muscar gives a beautifully dimmed light, which is great as a mood light, a party light, or a nightlight. Muscar is an energy saving lightbulb, so it is not only sustainable to use, but it also gives up to ten years of fluffy glow.

Muscars are made by hand, checked one by one and packaged by people, not robots. Muscar fluffy lights came out of a college project and was developed with love and effort. It is a brand about novelty and usefulness, surprise and individuality. It is about making things locally, with people you meet and become friends with. It is about colour, attitude and fluff. It is about design that makes people smile. We hope that it will have this effect on you, too.

Terms & Conditions


Return Period: 15 days, please return in original packaging.

Ship Muscar to: Muscar Lights, unit 1, 351a Cambridge Heath Rd, E2 9RA, London, UK.

We recommend that you use a secure delivery method, as this insures the product in case the parcel is damaged, or goes missing. We will not be able to refund you for items that are lost in the post while un-insured, or for items that are damaged while in transit.

If we receive the returned muscars in the condition and time-frame described, we will refund you within 7 working days to your original payment method.

If we do not receive the muscars, or if we do receive them and we estimate that the conditions above are not met, we will contact you to organise a return of your muscar to you at your own expense.


Tracked and Signed, next day delivery from the day of dispatch. £12 or less - see product details "delivery" tab for exact price

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