about us

We formed Locson as a result of frustration with the lack of quality in existing luxury brands. Well known luxury retailers have become impersonal and corporate rolling out clothing that uses inferior materials and processes but still charge premium prices afforded to them by their brand name.

‘Our Vision’ at Locson is to create trust by making a promise to our customers that our brand will continually strive to achieve the title of a luxury brand. We use and will continue to use the finest materials and processes in creating our products, meeting our brands high standards.

Born out of a love for design and quality Locson launched in 2013 with a range of mens shirts. All aspects of the process from choosing fabrics and materials to the making of our products are undertaken with care and attention to detail to bring you a high quality garment or accessory that boasts luxury. Taking inspiration from and synergising British heritage with modern London fashion we look to create a lifestyle brand with the ethos of what it is to be British today.

We champion British industry and aim to build our own factories to help others do the same.



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