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Hill & Ellis pride themselves on making the most handsome bike bags around so you can cycle from home to cafe to boardroom with style.

All our bike bags are lovingly made in the UK in high quality satchel leather designed in striking colour combinations so whatever your taste we have a bag for you. We have also hunted high and low for the best hooks on the market.

They are all spring loaded and adapt to securely attach to any back pannier rack from 6mm - 16mm and also include a central locking system for added security. The bike bags have also been designed with clever features for the cyclist, such as reversible reflective tabs for greater visibility at night, a waterproof rain jacket for those rainy rides and leather padding on the back to stop the bag rubbing on the bike.

The leather has also been specially selected for its durability and water repellency. If you have any questions about our bags please contact us.



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