Foxford Woollen Mills


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Foxford Woollen Mills are based in County Mayo and have been part of the heritage of western Ireland for over a century. It was established in 1892 by Mother Agnes Morrogh-Bernard of the Sisters of Charity, and it brought much-needed employment to the area in the post-famine era. 

Foxford endured the burning to the ground of the original factory in 1908 and survived the decline in the textile industry which brought it into receivership in 1987. The business was revitalised with the introduction of a new design team in 1999 and the entire mill was modernised through a million-euro investment in 2007. Today, the mill, which is one of the last working mills in Ireland provides a wonderful visitor experience with a 5,000 square-foot shop, an award-winning restaurant, and an opportunity to visit the working part of the mill.

The designs are created by an award winning design team and are manufactured on site using the finest materials such as local lambswool and also Alpaca. Today it is a thriving mill with master craftspeople creating beautiful pieces - ultra modern design crafted by some of the best skilled people in the industry.



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