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About Cuckmere Trug Company

Cuckmere Trug Company incorporates Thomas Smith's Trug Shop, which was the original maker of the famous Traditional Sussex Trug in the Sussex village of Herstmonceux. Thomas Smith invented the Trug back in the 1820's, drawing on an old Anglo-Saxon measuring vessel known as a "trog", that was used on local farms to measure milk, beer and grain. Smith made his Trugs famous by selling some to Queen Victoria on the first day of the Great Exhibition in London in 1855. In the 1960's Laurence and Dudley Hide of Hailsham created the plywood Trug for which they received a Design Centre award. In 1983 Robin & Peter Tuppen set up South Down Trugs to make the plywood version, Peter being Dudley's son-in-law, and South Down Trugs make the plywood version and bought out the Thomas Smith Trug Shop about six years later, combining the two companies at Herstmonceux. Our Trugs are now exported all over the World and have been used by many famous gardeners, including Peter Seabrook, Alan Titchmarsh and Monty Don and have been featured in many films, advertisements and magazines all around the World. Trugs are ideal for gardeners of all ages and make superb and thoughtful gifts for special occasions.


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