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about us

Christian Cathor & Co is a British luxury leather goods brand with a made in Chelsea lifestyle aesthetic. Christian Cathor bags are handmade in Walsall, one of Britain’s oldest leather goods towns where the Queens handbags are still made, saddles for the Royal family & leather goods for the Prince of Wales.

Christian Cathor is synonymous with high quality, with a strong commitment to quality, unique British made products. Our products exhibit the best of British craftsmanship and aim to be prestigious, elegant and unique with flexible/adaptable styling features.

Our bags cater to both men and women and exude British cool. We specialise mainly in handbags, backpacks and shoulder bags.

We work with highly skilled workmen with over 20 years’ experience using skills from a bygone age. Our workmen are quality conscious and incorporate the right skills and dedication to make the perfect bag, ensuring durability and reliability in our products. Every stitch, every cut is a true labour of love exhibiting the best of British craftsmanship. We use full grain leather, cowhide or Buffalo leather for our bags as full grain leather develops a natural patina over time which protects the leather.

Our leather bags are created with the modern men and women in mind who seek quality products.



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