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about us

Bright Potato is a multidisciplinary creative design studio based in West London.

Established in 2013 by Diego Martinez Pereira (Spanish) and David Beirne (Irish), our studio specialises in the provision of creative and technical design services to those in search of innovative design thinking.

Our name highlights our search for intelligent design solutions focusing on our appreciation for the inherent beauty within the simplest of things.

Our goal is to produce designs which appear effortlessly simple and humble. By removing complexity from the user experience, we aim to provide people with tools for life rather than simply objects.

Peg is an intelligent, sophisticated yet simple collection of flat pack furniture. This range of tool-less, stackable and collapsible furniture does not use fixings for the assembly.

Reinventing the idea of flat pack, the innovation of “peg” is within its corners. Each corner of every “peg” is conical in shape, therefore, assemble simply requires the insertion of the legs into the conical corners and that’s it!

This precise fit between the legs and the top combines to form the structural integrity of the whole piece, resulting in the simplest flat pack experience you will ever have.

Designed and manufactured completely within Britain. The simplicity of Peg combines the great heritage of British engineering ingenuity with current digital manufacturing technologies.

Utilising the skills of Britain’s finest craftsmen, Peg combines elite materials, from aerospace aluminium, to premium selected hardwoods, to create a simple and elegant contemporary collection.



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