Born British


about us

Born British is a new lifestyle clothing brand committed to honouring Britain's rich textile manufacturing tradition as well as recognising the diverse and ever-changing influences on our cultural and personal identities. Who we are, who we love, what we wear. Exclusively and Inclusively British. When we say 100% made in Britain we really mean it. We haven't simply sourced our materials elsewhere and merely assembled the garments in a British factory. Every single element has been designed, knitted, manufactured, stitched, and finished across England. We are proud to be a clothing company that manufactures and sources every single element in Britain. Our clothes are designed to look fresh and well cut. All of the clothes have been designed by a former graduate of Central St Martin's College with 15 years experience working in the fashion industry with both British companies and large international brands. Our pattern cutter works for the very best fashion designers in Britain and internationally. As we're sure you will agree the cut of the clothes is well fitted with no excess fabric even on the hoodies. This gives all of our clothes a great look.

We hope you enjoy wearing your clothes as much as we enjoyed making them. You get to tell the story from here.



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