Angle & Curve

About Angle & Curve

Our vision is to create superb sounding headphones with perfect form and function.

We want to include brilliant engineering with innovation and a certain reserved Englishness. We also like the idea of being a local company that inspires others to make something themselves. We want to be close to the manufacturing of our headphones so that we can innovate and improve as we go.

Notice we don’t call our headphones “products”; they get the respect they deserve. We focus on making one thing and one thing well.

I am Richard Wheeler (Founder), self-taught designer and audio engineer. Whilst studying for a Science degree in London in the late ‘90s I became engrossed in a new movement of music, Drum & Bass. I frequented the Blue Note, Hoxton Square to listen to Goldie and the like. My interest lay in reproducing the sound and soon after university I worked as an audio engineer for a company at the cutting edge of DJ equipment design and manufacture. Fast-forward to 2009, I established Angle & Curve in Covent Garden, London, where I embarked on turning my skills to the realms of headphone manufacture.

The brand concept was forged during the creative process of designing a new style of headphones.

We were looking at a diagram (as above) that shows the mathematical relationship of an angle with a curve. Our primary aim that day was to crack the holy grail of headband design: comfort. Our study on forces enabled us to create a small compact headband but remove unnecessary tension between the ears.
Then came the “branding” moment, not only do the words Angle and Curve apply to every design but when given capital letters the A in Angle and C in Curve are perfect expressions of the words themselves.


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