about us

ABREPTION was started in September 1996 by Cynthia and Paul Johnson. Both had previously been employed by a Luggage/Bag manufacturer for some years. Building on the skills acquired, a customer base was quickly established. Abreption became known by word of mouth and the client base has kept growing ever since.

A large part of Abreption’s USP is the ability to produce from a base starting point or to take on CMT work from sample to production. Quality and service is the key philosophy of Abreption.

Hand Cutting
Like a bespoke suit a template is created and then a ‘knife’ , the material for each bag is hand cut on the premises and constructed using traditional methods. The ‘knives’ are made individually per design.

Bonded Cotton
Our cotton is bonded where required to strengthen the top layer.

Hand Working
Most leather components have got to be hand worked such as edging and skiving.

Hand Machining
Our bags are machined by hand, a skill requiring years of experience and producing a quite different effect to mass produced, computer controlled machinery.

Cotton Webbing
We use high quality cotton military grade webbing, which is woven in England to colours specified by us to match our bonded cotton canvas.

We only use high quality hardware.

We are very proud that our products are Made in Britain, using British craftsmen and in many cases British made machinery. We try to source most of our products using UK suppliers, thus ensuring quality and supply.



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