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Solidteknics 26cm Iron Skillet

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This Solidteknics 26cm Iron Skillet is the ultimate workhorse for your kitchen. Whether you’re frying, grilling, baking or searing, this versatile pan will make your cooking easier and more enjoyable.

The natural non-stick properties of seasoned Australian iron mean you don’t need to apply any synthetic coatings. This not only means healthier cooking, but your food will be free from potentially hazardous toxins. Plus, it is easier to clean than regular pans, making it hygienic and convenient.

This pan can handle large portions of food, making it ideal for family dinners or when entertaining. Put it in the oven and bake a delicious pie or use over the campfire to prepare a meal outdoors. With its robust construction, it stands up to the heat and is the perfect tool to help you create delicious meals.

The Solidteknics 26cm Iron Skillet is a must-have for any kitchen. It promises outstanding results every time and is sure to be a reliable companion for many years. Get the wonderful benefits of iron cooking and enjoy your favorite recipes with ease

County of manufacture
Length: 52.2cm
Diameter: 26cm
Height of bowl: 4cm
Height of handle: 10cm
Stove contact surface: 22cm
Capacity: 1.75L
Delivery Cost
Delivery Time (days)
5 Business Days
Delivery Info
The delivery time frame varies from 3 to 5 business days, contingent on our warehouse's processing schedules. Shipments will be sent via DHL's next-day delivery service. If the customer provides a mobile number, they will receive DHL delivery notifications once the order is packed and prepared for shipping.
Returns period (in days)
30 Days
Return Info

If you would like to return your product for any reason please contact Made to Last initially.

If there is an issue with the item when it arrives or a manufacturing fault then we will cover the cost of the return postage and a replacement/refund. Please provide images or video of the issue to help expedite the return.

If you have simply changed your mind then you will need to cover the cost of the return postage.

Once the item is received back at the factory and checked we will then issue your refund.

Initially please contact us at suppo[email protected] to get the address to send your return to.

Guarantee Length
Guarantee Terms

All Solidteknics pans come with simple multi-century warranty for all defects related to materials or manufacturing that occur during normal cooking. This is a manufacturing warranty for defects, and not valid for improper use, lack of maintenance, abuse, or ‘change of heart’.

In effect, there is no time limit on our warranty: we will replace all genuine warranty claims, in whichever century they are returned! This is not a marketing gimmick: this is just solid engineering. Our cookware is wrought from one solid piece of very tough metal, with no coatings or joins. Our engineering and materials expertise gives us the confidence that – when treated with a normal, recommended level of care – our cookware will last for centuries.

County of manufacture
Care and Maintenance
On Arrival:

Your pan will arrive pre-seasoned, which means you can start cooking on it straight away.
Give the pan a quick rinse with warm water (no soap!) and a wipe with a damp cloth, then dry it immediately with a tea towel.
You’re now good to go. Fire up the hob, oven or barbecue and get cooking!


If cooking on a hob, make sure the hob ring is a suitable size to the pan base.
Add a dash of cooking oil and spread it evenly over the cooking surface of the pan, then bring it up to your desired temperature gradually.
Wrought iron is highly conductive, so you may need a lower heat than you are used to.
In contrast to pans with synthetic non-stick coatings, you can use any utensil with our cookware – including metal.


Cooking debris is best removed straight after cooking, while still warm.
Clean your pans with hot water and a soft sponge. Avoid detergents or scrubbers, and never place in a dishwasher.
Dry well before storing to prevent any rust from forming. You may also want to add a thin layer of cooking oil with a paper towel.
Don’t worry if, over time, the colour of your pans becomes less uniformly black. They have been built for performance over multiple lifetimes – uneven colour is just a sign they’re being well used.

Now manufacturing in both Australia and the USA, Solidteknics’ range of healthy, sustainable and multi-generational kitchen tools are in thousands of professional kitchens and happy homes, all over the world.