Sasha Kamen Gold Filled Falling Circle Earrings

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Simple and elegant, these earrings are light, easy to wear and go with everything! Heavy earrings give me a headache, so I don’t make them... Sometimes, though it’s lovely to wear something with a bit more oomph, so I designed these to be sparkly and fun, but still super comfortable to wear.

They’ve got some movement, due to the chain design but never bash you on the cheek like some big earrings can! I love wearing these - they make me feel dressed up instantly.

52mm long, including the hook, the main part of the earring is 48mm long.

Available in rolled gold.

Sasha Kamen Gold Filled Falling Circle Earrings

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About the Supplier

Originally a Zoologist by training, Sasha Kamen now is a designer and maker of beautiful, wildlife inspired Jewellery. All her pieces are made by hand in London.


gold filled
County of manufacture:
52mm long, including the hook, the main part of the earring is 48mm long.


Delivery Cost:
£ 5.00
Delivery Time:
25 Days
Delivery Info:
Please allow up to three weeks for dispatch, as all jewellery is hand made, often to order. I aim to dispatch within one week, but depending on how busy I am and how busy my suppliers are, it can vary. Special commissions can take longer. If you need a piece quickly, please contact Made to Last directly for an estimate of how long it will take to be ready. All orders are sent first class, unless over a £200 value, in which case I send them next day delivery.

I aim to deliver within 10 days, but as all my jewellery is hand made, it can take up to 3 weeks


Return Period:
28 Days
All items are returnable for a full refund or exchange within 28 days except special commissions. (as these are made specifically to a customer’s requirements, they cannot be returned for a refund) Please let me know as soon as possible if you are planning to return an item. Customers are responsible for returning the jewellery in good condition and paying for the safe return of the items. Refunds will be made once the jewellery is back in my possession and has been checked for any damage. Please obtain proof of postage in case the piece gets lost in the post.


Guarantee 5 Years
Guarantee Length:
5 years
Guarantee Terms:
"I offer a personal guarantee on all my jewellery, shown above. This covers normal use and wear, provided you care for your pieces. (see care details tab) Please contact me directly if you feel your jewellery has developed any defect, and I will do my best to try and help you solve the problem. (many issues can be solved with proper care and cleaning) If that’s not possible, please return the item to me for a repair or replacement. Please obtain proof of postage in case the piece gets lost in the post.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer a replacement free of charge in the event of jewellery being lost, as there is no way of knowing whether the loss was due to a fault, or just an accident. If you do lose your jewellery, get in touch and I can offer you a discount on a replacement piece."


All materials purchased in the US & UK. Metals for casting sourced in London
County of Manufacture:

Care & Maintenance

Your jewellery is precious, and needs to be looked after carefully. Jewellery should be kept clean, dry and away from chemicals that could harm it, or items that could scratch it, such as other jewellery. For example: Don’t leave it in a heap in the bathroom! Moisturiser, soap, makeup, perfume and hairspray etc all contain chemicals which can make jewellery oxidise and/or just make it dirty. Chlorine may cause your silver or gold filled pieces to oxidise, so avoid wearing it in the pool. Please clean your jewellery with a special cleaning/polishing cloth before putting it away, or with warm water and dish soap to remove build up of skin care products which can dull or darken it. A soft toothbrush can be used to gently clean off any deposits. (be careful not to scratch it..) Or a specialist jewellery cleaning solution can be used, but do make sure that it’s suitable for any stones or pearls in your piece. Silver pieces will naturally oxidise over time, and just need a bit of silver polish and maybe a wash to bring back their sparkle. Clothing notes: scarves, jackets and jumpers can be an enemy to necklaces and earrings! Please be very careful not to yank or unhook your jewellery by mistake when changing clothes.

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