Like everything on Made to Last these electronics products have been hand selected for their quality of workmanship. They have all been manufactured here in the British Isles, come with a guarantee and will stand the test of time.

Ceiling Lights

Our range of ceiling lights covers styles for a full range of interiors from traditional farm houses through to modern city apartments as well as hotels, restaurants and offices.

All lighting is handmade to order

Everything is handmade in the British Isles by skilled craftspeople, and have a clear guarantee on the product page, Many of up to 25 years.

All other lighting

Our lighting range covers every type of lighting you will need for your interior as well as the exterior of your property. All are manufactured in the British Isles and come with a clear guarantee.


Illuminate interiors in the most flattering light with this collection of timeless lighting designs. Each light is individually hand crafted, every piece being hand finished and painted, making all our lights individual and unique.

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The Alchemist Collection is our take on a collection of vintage bulbs with a modern twist. Each bulb is set into a hand crafted glass shade which replicates the stunning and unique reflective pattern of these beautiful filament bulbs.

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One Foot Taller is based in Glasgow, GB, but Katty also now runs it from her studio and workshops in rural France, where she lives with her husband Quinny and their two children, Ella and Dylan. This environment is great for seeing far too many birds and sheep out of the studio window.

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Original BTC, Davey Lighting & Beadlight each offer a diverse and unique range of lighting designs. All brands draw inspiration from Britain's rich post industrialisation history as well as incorporating modern tastes and trends with our very latest innovative designs.

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Elstead specialises in decorative residential lighting that take classical influences in their design and style. Elstead are proud to still use traditional handcrafts in the production of their lights as well as embrace the modern technology available with CNC machines.

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Old School Electric lighting, designed and manufactured by Holloways of Ludlow, is a range of quality lighting based on the simple industrial designs of the early twentieth century.

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Ella Doran is an award-winning designer who runs her East London based design studio to create artwork for functional products for everyday living. She loves bold graphics, colours and participatory projects, and works to commission for charitable, commercial and private clients.

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This is the story of a culture with greatly antagonistic qualities - on the one hand, classical English tradition and on the other, the tumultuous punk culture. And innermost exists in the coming together of these heterogeneous elements, purveying taste and quality with a non-conformist attitude.

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Muscar is a light that you can hold. It is the first lightbulb the can be experienced for its warmth and feel, as well as for its lighting. Muscar's innovative, furry coating allows the light to go through while transmitting the bulb's heat in a different way.

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Made from mud, dust, eclectic powders and fire; silk and glass, paper, water, steel, brass and iron, Aditi designs incorporate a strong sense of solidity in there treatment of materials giving a very pleasing form and weight combined with a delicious mixture of textures.

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Through buying high quality products that age gracefully you will enjoy your products more fully and for longer.



All products we sell have a clear guarantee - this helps to ensure that you are getting real value for money.



When you buy quality products that last well, you no longer need to keep replacing them. This benefits both the planet and your pocket.

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Everything on Made to Last has a clear guarantee - Helping you get real value for money