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Flying Scotsman Hand Thrown Ceramic Pendant Light

A classic large down lighter approached in a traditional hand sculpted ceramic with a decorative nod toward the modern.

The interior of the pendant is the pieces eye catching and key focal point, its glossy lustrous white zircon interior of rivulets; glassy and opaque, creates a soft reflective surface hidden beneath the 24 inch deep matt textured cowl of graphite grey, retaining the vintage feel of the original vitreous enamelled pressed steel downlighter often seen in industrial settings and along Britain's railways from where the lamp takes its name.

*Please note that although the images that you see are a good represenation of the final product each one is hand made and is slightly different. This gives them personality and you something unique that no one else will ever own.

Flying Scotsman Hand Thrown Ceramic Pendant Light
As low as £570.00

About the Supplier

Aditi grew from a desire to create bespoke, beautiful lighting using environmentally sound production methods and technology.

Every single piece of Aditi’s work is designed, hand sculpted, worked and decorated and then assembled by the artist using traditional methods. Using sustainable production processes based around natural products, we aim to keep oil-based products to a minimum and create a product with the minimum of impact to the environment.

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Ingress Protection
None - Indoor Use Only
Main body Stoneware (ceramic)
Earthenware (ceramic)
County of manufacture
Height 44cm
Width 44cm


Delivery Cost
Delivery Time (days)
40 Business Days


Returns period (in days)
30 Days
Return Info
Cannot accept returns unless there is an issue with the workmanship of the manufacture. If there is an issue and you need to return the product then please initially contact Made to Last (ideally with photos) and they will coordinate with us to arrange your return and refund/replacement.


Guarantee Length
3 Years
Guarantee Terms

Interior use only. The lights are great quality and if taken care of will last well beyond the guarantee period.

If you find any issues with the product within the guarantee period then please contact Made to Last or us directly (contact details supplied on order confirmation email).

The guarantee does not cover misuse by the customer. Please note that the lights must not be used outdoors.


Uk Staffordshire
County of manufacture

Care & Maintenance

Care and Maintenance

All glazes products carefully wipe with a damp lint free cloth after first isolating from electical power and removing the bulb leave until completely dry and return to operation.

For LAVA and matt black surfaces a feather duster is best