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Supplier FAQ'S

These are some of the common questions that we get from our suppliers when they are applying to sell their products through MADE TO LAST.

Do we have to give a guarantee on all of the products that we sell through MADE TO LAST?

Yes, the basis for our business is to help customers understand and appreciate the good quality of your products. You can prove this to them through guaranteeing that they will last well.

How long our product/s last depends on how they are used by the customer so they are difficult to guarantee. How can we protect ourselves in the case of customer misuse?

All of our suppliers are responsible for the terms of their own guarantees. Most suppliers clearly state that the guarantee is only valid in the case of normal use where the customer has followed the care and maintenance instructions supplied with the product.

Does our product have to be manufactured in the British Isles?

Although we do prefer the products we sell to be manufactured in the British Isles (including ROI) we do understand that sometimes this is not practical. Where products are manufactured overseas we need to be able to see both that that the materials used in the products are high quality and also that the people that manufacture the products are paid fairly and live and work under good conditions.

How do we apply to sell our products on MADE TO LAST?

Fill out the form on this page and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

Is there any fee for listing our products on MADE TO LAST?

No, it is completely free of charge for you to list your products on MADE TO LAST

What percentage of the sale value does MADE TO LAST take?

All of our suppliers have very different businesses and different margins and we understand and respect this. We make individual agreements with each of our suppliers that work for both sides of the partnership.

How can we get our product information and data to you?

Once you have applied to become a supplier we will contact you with instructions on how to get your product data and images to us.

Do we need to provide images for all of the products that we sell on MADE TO LAST?

Yes, we need at least one photo for each product and ideally 3 or 4 so that customers can get a clear impression of how your product looks.