Christening Shawl - Pure Royal Alpaca

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There really is no better shawl to swaddle your newborn than this, owing not only to the numerous qualities alpaca yarn possesses, but also to the fine English craftsmanship that has been employed to create this piece. Made with 100% pure Royal Alpaca. Royal Alpaca is;
 • Softer, stronger & warmer than cashmere
 • Hypoallergenic (contains no lanolin)
 • Possesses excellent thermal qualities
 • Machine Washable
 • Breathable
 • Odour, flame & wrinkle resistant
 • Stronger than mohair
 • Lighter & smoother than silk
 • Naturally antibacterial

Christening Shawl - Pure Royal Alpaca

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County of manufacture:
122cm x 122cm
100% Royal alpaca


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£ 7.50
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3 Days
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No special instructions necessary


Return Period:
14 Days
Returns should be sent to our workshop. Please contact us using our email found in order confirmation email to arrange the return. If the item is proven faulty we will refund the postage cost, otherwise the customer must bear the carriage cost.


Guarantee 2 Years
Guarantee Length:
2 years
Guarantee Terms:
We offer this guarantee on the workmanship of our products. Of course the length of time textiles last is dependent on how they are used and how often they are used. We are proud of the materials we use as well as our workmanship and offer the guarantee to help validate our promise of quality to our customers.

If something goes wrong with the product due to the workmanship then we will fix it or replace it but if the product changes or deteriorates a little due to normal wear and tear then that would not be covered.

Of course this is a slightly grey area but we trust our customers to use their best judgement here and if you are unsure then contact us with photos (email address on order confirmation email) and we can tell you if the issue you have is down to workmanship or normal wear and tear.


South America
County of Manufacture:

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