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Netherton Foundry Copper 6" (15cm) spun milk pan

Shropshire Made 6" (15cm) spun copper milk pan with pure tin lining.

Tin lined copper pans have been used in the kitchens of the world's finest restaurants since the 17th century and today are still found on the stoves of discerning cooks around the world. If you are new to tin lined copper pans we recommend that you read all of this page before buying. Every pan is handmade, no two are the same.

Why are tin lined copper pans so good

It's simply physics; copper is the most conductive engineering metal available. It's twice as conductive as aluminium and an amazing 25 times more conductive than stainless steel. Possibly its only rival is pure silver, which is 5% more conductive than copper and 100 times more expensive. Our tin lining is a magical material; it is very non stick and it protects the copper from acidic food and corrosion. Tin doesn't taint food or hold strong flavours and is easily washed by hand.

  • Made in Britain.
  • Hand made, spun from a solid 1.7mm disc, the heavy duty, spun copper saucepan is polished to a soft lustre.
  • The hand wiped tin lining in this saucepan is food grade approved pure metal and is the classic method of protecting the copper pan from acidic foods and thus preventing flavour tainting
  • This saucepan is PLASTIC, PTFE & PFOA free.
  • It has a durable 99.1% pure black iron pan handle fixed with three sturdy solid copper rivets. The handle is rough polished and delivered with a coating of bees wax.
  • Copper lid with cast iron knob. The underside of the lid is tin lined.
  • Perfect for range stoves, electric, gas, ceramic and halogen hobs.
  • If you wish to use copper pans on induction hobs you will need a converter disc.
  • Copper isn't ideal for open fire cooking, for this application we recommend you look at our Spun Iron Saucepans and Saute Pans.
  • Do not clean in dish washer.
  • Copper is a soft material, it will scratch if dragged across a rough or unclean surface. Always wipe with clean cloths or sponges.
  • Over heating to more than 235C with melt the tin lining and will distort the pan. Don't drop a hot pan into cold water.
  • Netherton Foundry Copper 6" (15cm) spun milk pan
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    5. Netherton Foundry Copper 6" (15cm) spun milk pan

    About the Supplier

    Netherton Foundry make classic cast iron and spun iron cookware using traditional crafts and materials.
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    County of manufacture
    Pan Dimensions: Top rim diameter 6'' (15.5 cm), Pan height 3 "(8cm) Handle length 7 "(18cm) .
    Pan capacity measured to rim: 2.4 imperial pints / 1.37 litres.
    Pan capacity measured 1" (2.5cm) below rim: 2 imperial pints / 1.1 litres.

    Why Choose a pre-seasoned pan?

    The edible Sussex flax oil coating is easy to wash & naturally non-stick.
    It is ready for immediate use.
    No chemicals or PTFE are used in the coating of the pan.


    Delivery Cost
    Delivery Time (days)
    20 Business Days
    Delivery Info

    We despatch on 48 hour Parcelforce delivery service. This service is FREE of charge.

    Please email us with clear Instructions on what to do if you will not be at home to receive the parcel


    Returns period (in days)
    14 Days
    Return Info
    Returns should be sent to our workshop. If the item is proven faulty we will refund the postage cost, otherwise the customer must bear the carriage cost.
    Initially please contact us on the details given in your order confirmation email to get our address.


    Guarantee Length
    2 Years
    Guarantee Terms
    The guarantee is offered on the workmanship of the product. Please follow care instructions that are sent to you with your product. If the care instructions are not followed it may invalidate the guarantee.


    Oak from Wyre Forest, Worcestershire & Iron from Shropshire
    County of manufacture

    Care & Maintenance

    Care and Maintenance
    All products are supplied with full care instructions.

    Quick summary:
  • You can use the cast iron bowls, lids and pans straight from the box
  • Simply wash in hot water
  • Do not use soap or detergent
  • Immediately dry with a towel
  • For best results we recommend that you give the bowl, lid or pan an extra coating of flax oil before first use
  • You can do this by following the instructions on re-seasoning at home that come with your product
  • The more you use the cast or spun iron and carefully follow the care instructions, the better the seasoned coating will become.