Helping Insomnia with an adjustable bed

Do adjustable beds provide better quality sleep?

Over millions of years our bodies have evolved and are intimately tied to the cycle of day and night. What is clear from all studies on sleep is how important good sleep is to our mental and physical well-being. The Guardian newspaper analysed 320 studies on sleep in a large scale report and found that with reduced sleep people suffer from a range of health issues and in extreme cases sleep deprivation can even lead to death.

This blog post is another in our series exploring the health benefits of adjustable beds. It will focus on why adjustable beds can provide us with better sleep. (more…)


side sleeping in adjustable bed

Is An Adjustable Bed Good for Side Sleepers?

How easy is it for you to go to sleep at night in a position other than your preferred one? A lot of people say that it is impossible to go from sleeping on their stomach to sleeping on their back. The truth is, it’s not all in your head. It can be based on how you are most comfortable. Some say that it is based on the type of person you are. Perhaps, this is why it is so hard to change how we sleep.

With our range of adjustable beds we have customers who typically sleep on their sides asking us if they are good for side sleepers. This post will take you through how side sleepers can get improved sleep through the use of an adjustable bed. (more…)


Improving blood circulation with an adjustable bed

Improve Your Blood Circulation with an Adjustable Bed

As we age our body goes through many changes. Part of it is just the natural process of aging. Other consequences stem from the things we do during our younger years. One example of natural aging and living a full life in your younger years is likely poor circulation. Proper blood circulation is required for your body’s health. If your blood doesn’t flow freely, you could experience a variety of problems from edema and numbness in your feet to dizzy spells and then potentially more serious issues.

There are various ways to improve your blood circulation which we will discuss briefly below but this post is chiefly about how to use an adjustable bed to improve your blood circulation. (more…)


Alconbury King Size Adjustable bed in Velvet Teal with a shallow base

Blood Pressure, Gravity and Sleep With Adjustable Beds

We have come to accept that certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure, migraines, glaucoma, and even Alzheimer’s are conditions we develop as we age that can only be treated with medical support.

Recent research suggests that more can be done to relieve these symptoms simply by changing our sleeping positions. Using an adjustable bed can not only make us feel better but can help to remedy some ailments we thought were here to stay.

This post is specifically about how to use an adjustable bed to adjust your sleeping position and improve your blood pressure. (more…)


king-size-adjustable bed

Reduce Acid Reflux and Heartburn with an Adjustable Bed

We have all experienced restless nights because of a painful burning sensation in our stomach or chest. It is not a very pleasant feeling. What if you could lessen the risk of another restless night due to heartburn?

Research has proven you can reduce acid reflux and heartburn with an adjustable bed.

Of course, eating a healthy diet that suits your body can be the most effective method of preventing heartburn and acid reflux but for some people diet alone cannot solve this. In which case managing the pain with solutions such as an adjustable bed become important.

In this article we will look at how to use an adjustable bed to reduce pain due to heartburn and acid reflux as well as covering other solutions to heartburn and acid reflux.


Holywell king size adjustable bed

Can an adjustable bed reduce lower back pain?

Most adults (around 80%) have experienced lower back pain at some point in their life. Back pain can make it is difficult to get a good nights sleep and also slows us down in our daily lives.

It is the main reason for work disability and a common cause of missed days at work, according to an article by the NHS,

In this article we take an in-depth look at the different kinds of lower back pain and how to use an adjustable bed to reduce your pain.



Sciatica nerve and raising legs

Benefits of sleeping with elevated legs

Even though it may seem a simple action, the truth is that lying on the back while elevating the legs -also known as passive leg raise (PLR), shock position amongst others- doesn’t only feel incredible, it also brings many health benefits.

When this simple action is carried out, the spine aligns perfectly and the blood starts flowing more efficiently. Raising the legs is something anyone can do with the simple aid of some pillows, no matter if there are heart or pulmonary diseases or any other condition.

If you are wondering why a retailer is talking about health conditions and sleeping with elevated legs then it may help to start off by mentioning that we sell a range of electric adjustable beds that can help with all of these conditions.



Holywell king size adjustable bed

9 Health Benefits of an Electric Adjustable Bed

We have recently been working with a new factory to bring our customers a range of high quality remote controlled adjustable beds.

Adjustable beds were once considered to be an extra skeletal support tool that belongs only in hospitals.

Nowadays, things are a lot different. More and more people are beginning to appreciate the role of adjustable beds in the maintenance of good health and recovery from health conditions. According to research conducted by Sciencedirect on randomly selected male and female subjects who were experiencing some form of musculoskeletal pain, there was a significant pain reduction in those who slept on enhanced/adjustable beds. (more…)