Stop Thinking in Terms of “Buy Cheap, Replace”

As this is the first post on the MADE TO LAST blog I am going to explain the background to our business and why/how we came into being.

Most shoppers still compare products with the price as the standalone variable factor. At MADE TO LAST we hope to change that.

We want to give customers another way to measure value. Our high quality, ethically-made, British products are all clearly guaranteed – you can see a big stamp on each product page.

MADE TO LAST is not about buying British out of patriotism, but buying with a long-term view to getting value for money.

We only work with responsible manufacturers who are proud to stand behind their products. Buying British often makes great economic sense, but it sometimes requires people to think longer term.

We believe that current consumer culture is fundamentally flawed and have created a retail business that solves the issue of people buying cheap and replacing fast through using product guarantees. This is how:

  • MADE TO LAST sell everyday household goods with a high utility value such as furniture, kitchen utensils, clothing and high use electrical items – no dancing flowers!
    We aim to challenge long-held perceptions over value, which are driven by prices and brand names, to help consumers identify true value for money.
  • MADE TO LAST believes that customers typically buy based on one variable: price.  Shoppers on MADE TO LAST are encouraged to consider two additional factors: the length of a guarantee and the benefit of buying from domestic British manufacturers.
  • Consumers often suffer confusion when shopping. Unless you have detailed knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes, it is difficult to judge quality and therefore value for money.
  • Being able to compare price with guarantee length allows consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions, which will benefit them financially in the long run.
  • Consumers also want to buy British, but often see higher prices on British manufactured products, so lack a justification for buying them.

MADE TO LAST connects consumers with British manufacturers that are proud of their products and who are willing to back up their products with a clear guarantee. This guarantee allows customers to understand the real value of what they are buying.

There is also the knock on effect to the local economy of buying British produced products rather than products manufactured abroad. Buying British from smaller businesses means your money goes directly to local employers, who you know are getting a fair wage.

Additionally, small local businesses tend to use local accountants, marketing agencies, local radio advertising etc to run their business. Again, this feeds more into the local British economy.

The Confederation of British Industry stated domestic orders for British-built products have risen for the fifth quarter in a row. Confidence is returning to British manufacturing. MADE TO LAST is proud to be part of that, working alongside these exciting and ethical brands.

Joel Chudleigh

Founder of MADE TO LAST. Very proud to be working with my Co-Founder Kinjal and our diverse range of amazing suppliers to create a retail site with a purpose. When not working I enjoy relaxing with family & friends as well as adventure sports - particularly bouldering, snowboarding & surfing as well as 5-a-side footie. Really interested in the environment and from this have been forced to learn more and get interested in politics and a bit of economics. Proud member of the Green Party.

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