M Dex Design

M Dex Design – Sheffield’s contemporary interior product designer

M Dex Design was started in 2012 by Miles Dexter who designs and makes contemporary furniture and products.

Some of his pieces are unique one-offs, others are produced in small batches. Interested in materials, processes, techniques, and the world around us, natural or man-made, his work could be described as urban yet organic.

This is a short interview to find out more about our new supplier and what makes him tick. click on any of the images for more information or to buy. (more…)



Jewellery cast from nature – Wrightson & Platt

The founders of Wrightson & Platt, Denise Wrightson and Vicky Platt, were inspired by the carvings commissioned by Queen Victoria of her own children’s hands and feet, and launched Wrightson & Platt in 1999 from a market stall in Spitalfields Market.

In this post we interview Alison Martin who is the Commercial Director about their jewellery inspired by nature. If you like the photos then click on them to find out more and buy. (more…)


MADE TO LAST guarantee

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten

The title of this blog post is a quote by Benjamin Franklin that is emblematic of why we built MADE TO LAST.

We believe that there are reasons behind all prices and that current consumer culture with the focus on buy cheap, use, discard and replace in a constantly accelerating cycle has to end.

If we are to achieve simple value for money, but more importantly basic human rights for all and a planet that is sustainable then we need to look at the products we purchase in a multi-faceted way rather than simply focusing on price.