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Mattresses that balance amazing quality with amazing prices

Nick Eary launched RestRelax back in 2013 and we recently added his range to Made to Last. Rest Relax manufacture a fantastic range of mattresses, which of course are all made here in the UK, and sold at every day low prices.

This short interview will give you a bit of background info on Rest Relax and an insight into what goes into making their products. The mattresses are all available in Single, Double, King size and Super king size. If you like the look of a particular one then click on the image to view the range of sizes and to buy.

We know your products are great, you know your products are great but how can they know?

Our team have worked in the bed and mattress industry and for some of the biggest names in the industry. We wanted to offer our customers great products without the high prices, stuffy sales talk and everything in between. Basically great products at fantastic prices.

We’re only able to do this by selling online… we’re an online business based with a passion for great service!

rest relax eco memory mattress
Rest Relax Eco Memory Mattress
Single – £149.99
Double – £179.99
King – £219.99

Whereabouts does your mattress manufacturing take place?

We have a factory in Bristol that makes all of our mattresses.

What is the toughest part of the product development process for you?

Creating a specification of a product that not only feels great, but that we can sell at a competitive price. As all of our mattresses are sold vacuum packed we also need the materials that can handle going through the rolling machine. We’re really proud of our range and our customers love them too.

Rest Relax Single Superior Memory Foam Mattress
Rest Relax Single Superior Memory Foam Mattress
Single – £195.99
Double – £229.99
King – £269.99

What is the most enjoyable part of the process of product development for you?

Testing the products, we love a good Snooze….


rest relax cool sprung mattress
Rest Relax Cool Sprung Mattress
Single – £209.99
Double – £239.99
King – £279.99


Do you have any new products/ranges planned for the next year or so?

We’re planning on launching a range of products to include Pillows and Bedding as well as a range of Chairs and Sofas…. We’re trying our hardest to get these sourced in the UK at fantastic prices, so we can stay true to our British roots.

What products or people have helped to inspire you to create the products that you do?

We worked very hard with the staff in our factory. Having designed products for over a million customers they knew a thing or two about comfort.

Rest Relax Single Gel Sprung Mattress
Rest Relax Single Gel Sprung Mattress
Single – £229.99
Double – £269.99
King – £299.99

When it comes to design my favourite designer is Robin Day. I love his timeless chair designs…

Tell us something about yourself that not many people know

I’m a closet fan of Bear Grylls… Now there’s a thought… we really need to design a comfy camping mattress, those thin foamy rubber ones are awful!

What do you wish we had asked you?

I have two for you:

Where is your favourite place in the whole world?

And I would have said the Amalfi Coast. The food, the scenery, the culture, the people, the climate – simply beautiful.

“How long does it take to make a mattress?”

We can manufacture any of our mattresses and get it shipped out the same day!

Rest Relax Single Superior Flex Mattress
Rest Relax Single Superior Flex Mattress
Single – £149.99
Double – £199.99
King – £249.99

Which mattresses in your range do you personally use the most and why?

I’d have to say my personal favourite is the Eco Sprung. It’s our entry level mattress but you get a lot of mattress for your money. We’ve packed in Coil Springs, Reflex Foam and Memory Foam so it is a healthy 20cm thick and incredibly comfortable…

rest relax eco sprung mattress
Rest Relax Single Eco Sprung Mattress.
Single – £109.99
Double – £135.99
King – £159.99

Why did you name your products as you have?

Each product in the RestRelax Mattress range is delivered around a purpose and for a different market. There are many companies on the market at the moment claiming they have designed the perfect mattress, that just isn’t possible as people come in all different shapes, sizes, weights, ages and have different sleeping and comfort needs.

Our products and their names were based from looking at customer profiles and personas and then designed the products around the customers…

Thanks for your time on giving us these answers Nick!

You can view the full range of Rest Relax Mattresses here.


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