Jaybe retro 3 seater sofa bed open dressed

Jaybe release new sofa bed range on MADE TO LAST

The wool textile industry was born in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire in the 18th century after the locals realised that the water in the Colne and Holme rivers gave excellent results for the washing of raw wool due to the Millstone Grit Pennine hills. Huddersfield developed some of the most skilled individuals in the production of woven fabrics and became renowned worldwide for their quality.

As with much of the heavy industry in Britain, Huddersfield has seen a decline as many companies have decided to buy overseas and forego quality in favour of low prices.

Today Huddersfield still has a number of specialist textile businesses running and it is one of these businesses that Jaybe, one of our suppliers has partnered with to develop their new range of sofa beds.

Jaybe have been researching the UK sofa bed market for a number of years and have developed their range with care to maintain the highest levels of quality and at the same time meet consumer demands around pricing. Jaybe has a solid reputation for high quality beds, so decided to cut no corners with their first upholstered range of sofa beds through the use of high quality wovens from Huddersfield.

There are 6 products in the new Jaybe sofa bed range and each comes in 20 different fabric styles and all have lifetime guarantees on their frames – nice!

Jaybe footstool bed

Starting with the smallest of the range we were really impressed with the tardis like abilities of the Jaybe Footstool bed. It is the cheapest in the range and we are selling it at £395.

Jaybe footstool bed open dressed

Resting on the sprung bed base the mattress combines two layers of Airflow fibre for exceptional support and comfort. A soft top layer provides pressure relief and a higher density lower layer offers extra support.

When the bed is not in use it looks like this:

Jaybe footstool bed closed

But then can be folded out in seconds like this:

Jaybe footstool bed open

This short video helps to display the functionality of this footstool bed:

Great space saver right? For more information and to buy the footstool bed by Jaybe click here.

Jaybe Retro Sofa Beds

The Jaybe Retro range of sofa beds is made up of 3 different sizes and these are arguably some of the most luxurious sofa beds available anywhere.

The unique Roll-out mechanism allows them to be transformed from a stylish sofa into a comfortable bed in seconds, without the need for removing the seat or back cushions.

The Jaybe retro sofa beds all have a full depth sprung mattress with sumptuous comfort layers, so it’s just like sleeping on a real bed.

The image below shows the 3 seater retro sofa bed:

Jaybe retro 3 seater sofa bed open dressed

Embracing absolute attention to detail, the sofa is upholstered in high quality fabric which has been specially made for Jay-Be in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England. Huddersfield is respected worldwide for producing some of the finest fabrics available today. Made using specialist production techniques, the fabric offers a luxurious feel as well as long term durability.

Prices start at £1,195 for the love chair size sofa bed and go up to £1,695 for the 3 seater retro sofa bed (pictured here).

Here it is when closed:

Jaybe retro 3 seater sofa bed

And then when just opened:

Jaybe retro 3 seater sofa bed open

As you can see it looks fantastic and the ease of use without the need to remove any cushions is a first for us here at MADE TO LAST.

Here is the video introducing the 3 seater:

The retro sofa bed comes in 3 sizes – a love chair retro sofa bed, the 2 seater retro sofa bed as well as the 3 seater retro sofa bed.

There are few sofa beds on the market with a mattress of this quality – It is perfect for using on a daily basis just as a normal bed.

The Jaybe modern sofa bed

The modern pocket sprung sofa bed is more traditional in style and shape than the retro models and should therefore suit a wider range of tastes. Because it comes with a pocket sprung mattress the price point is a little lower at £950.

This is not to say the mattress is not great quality – It has over 1600 individual pocket springs which adapt to the contours of the sleeper’s body for supreme comfort. It is a great mattress but just not as luxurious as the one on the retro sofa bed range.

This is perfect for sleeping on a few times a week:

Jaybe modern sofa bed

Here is is closed:

Jaybe modern pocket sprung sofa bed

And here it is shown in use:

Jaybe modern sprung sofa bed

And finally the video:

It is interesting that most sofa beds on the market are made by sofa companies that expanded their range to include beds, but with Jaybe it is the opposite – they are experts in beds and therefore have applied this expertise to sofas. Seems like they are doing a pretty good job of it too!

There is more to the range than was mentioned here so please check out the full details here.

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