Helping Insomnia with an adjustable bed

Ease Insomnia with an Adjustable Bed

No one ever thinks, “Tonight, I really do not want to sleep.” However, each night, millions of people worldwide experience some form of insomnia. For most people, it is closely related to their overall health in some way. Either they experience pain, difficulty breathing, acid reflux, or some other problem that causes sleep to be an unreachable goal.

Regardless of what is causing your sleep problems, you can ease insomnia with an adjustable bed. This is fantastic news for most people. This post covers the common causes of insomnia and how to use an adjustable bed to enhance your sleeping.

Understanding Insomnia

Most people experience insomnia randomly throughout their life. For a majority, it is something that happens randomly enough that it does not impact their life in a huge way. However, if you have an underlying medical issue, your restless nights can become a much more serious problem.

Chronic insomnia is described as when you experience restless nights three or more times a week for more than three months. It may involve having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep. It can even be that you wake up too easily, which means you do not achieve the deep sleep that your body needs.

In every case, the way it negatively impacts your life will be difficult to understand for most people. Therefore, it is important that you speak with your doctor about your symptoms. They can help you discover what may be triggering your sleep troubles.

Some of the primary causes of insomnia include:

  • Acid reflux or other gastrointestinal issues, arthritis, asthma, back or body pain, allergies, etc. Even restless leg syndrome is considered a medical issue that can interrupt sleep.
  • Tension, worry, over-stimulation, and even concern about what tomorrow will bring your way can cause you to sleep less than normal. As a side effect of this, you may become more stressed because of not sleeping. In this regard, insomnia and stress become a revolving door that is hard to step off of.
  • Most people do not realize that medications can cause problems for your sleep. Medications that treat high blood pressure, colds, depression, heart disease, and more can all mess with your natural sleep patterns.
  • This type of insomnia stems from the fact that we all lead very busy lives. We spend too much time sitting, viewing electronic screens, and avoiding exercise. We often stay up late or sleep late, which keeps our body confused.

Impact of Insomnia on Your Life

Every situation and every person is unique. The impacts insomnia may have on your life can be very different from another person’s experience. However, when you have frequent restless nights you are at an increased risk for several problems during the daytime hours that may affect your performance at work, school, and within your family. Potential impacts, beyond fatigue, include:

  • Depression
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Lack of Focus or Concentration
  • No Energy or Motivation
  • Increased Risk of Accidents
  • More Likely to Feel Stress
  • Overall Larger Health Concerns (Heart Disease and Obesity)
  • Shorter Mortality Average

When you have frequent restless nights, your days become less enjoyable. You may have less patience to handle daily things. It can interrupt how well you deal with your children, your workplace, your errands, and so much more. This can raise your blood pressure and make you more susceptible to health issues that extend beyond sleeplessness.

Enjoy a Better Night’s Sleep

Some of the most common treatments for sleep troubles will include medications, therapy, and stimulus control. Your particular treatment option depends on what is at the root of your insomnia.

For you, medication may be enough. Most medications for sleeplessness are sold over the counter. There are a lot of sleep aids available. However, most people would prefer to not add sleep aids to their nightly routine. They can often leave you feeling groggy and more tired the next day.

If stress is your cause, therapy may be recommended to provide you options for dealing with stress so it does not keep you awake at night. As a part of this, you may need to remove your television and bright lights from your bedroom. This will turn it into a place of rest and relaxation, intimate moments, and other calming, screen-free, activities. In order to take full advantage of this new, quieter space, you need to complete the atmosphere with a comfortable bed.

An adjustable bed can provide you with a very comfortable sleep surface that will adjust to ensure you get a better night’s sleep, even if there is an underlying medical issue. Adjustable beds can:

The secret is in the bed’s design, function, and comfort levels. They are so easily adjusted that you can get the perfect sleep position to promote a healthier sleep pattern for yourself and your partner.

Setting Your adjustable bed for better sleep

You can ease insomnia with an adjustable bed, all it takes is discovering your prime sleeping position. Just consider how easy it will be to relieve your problems with a bed that is designed for your needs.

Zero Gravity Position
Zero Gravity Position

An adjustable bed can be placed in the zero gravity position to give the user a feel of weightlessness – this is perfect of people suffering from pain in their joints but also assists those of us without pain in getting into a relaxing position to fall asleep.

All of our adjustable beds also have the optional extra of a massage functionality built into the mattress which can help you to drift off into a peaceful sleep more easily. The movement helps our minds to drift over even when pre-occupied with life’s stresses.

Benefits of an Inclined Head and Neck

If you have insomnia because of frequent acid reflux or heartburn, or you have problems with high or low blood pressure you will benefit most by sleeping with your head slightly elevated. If you have aches in your upper body, a slight incline will ease it because blood will not rush to that area of your body. Breathing issues can be relieved because your chest and sinuses will not feel as much pressure. If snoring keeps you or your partner awake at night, you can sleep easier because of this incline as well.

Adjustable bed with head incline for heartburn and acid reflux

Benefits of Elevating your Feet

Swollen legs and feet or restless leg syndrome will be relieved by having your knees and feet slightly elevated in your adjustable bed. As a bonus, it also ensures that your spine is aligned perfectly to keep pressure off your joints.

This also helps people who have had a busy day and whose legs are feeling heavy and tired.

Adjustable Bed with leg incline

To discover more about the benefits of an adjustable bed, you have to try it out for yourself. At Made to Last we our electric adjustable beds allow you to adjust the bed in 5 separate locations to get the perfect sleep position to reduce your insomnia and other health concerns.

Recovering from insomnia will require you to make some lifestyle changes. No one can avoid this, but these adjustable beds can provide you with a comfortable spot to rest your weary head. Simply contact us to learn more about the options.

For more general information about the other health benefits of adjustable beds please read 9 health benefits of sleeping on an adjustable bed.


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