Bedside Cabinet - The Secret Agent

How 17th Century Pirates Influenced Modern Concealment Furniture

It is a while since we have had an interview with one of our manufacturers, so when Bill from Concealment Furniture approached us about selling his products on Made to Last we were given the perfect opportunity as his products are very unique and have such an interesting use case.

We hope that you enjoy this short interview with him – please click into the blog to ask any questions you have to Bill. (more…)


Improving blood circulation with an adjustable bed

Improve Your Blood Circulation with an Adjustable Bed

As we age our body goes through many changes. Part of it is just the natural process of aging. Other consequences stem from the things we do during our younger years. One example of natural aging and living a full life in your younger years is likely poor circulation. Proper blood circulation is required for your body’s health. If your blood doesn’t flow freely, you could experience a variety of problems from edema and numbness in your feet to dizzy spells and then potentially more serious issues.

There are various ways to improve your blood circulation which we will discuss briefly below but this post is chiefly about how to use an adjustable bed to improve your blood circulation. (more…)


relieve arthritis with an adjustable bed

How to Relieve Arthritis with an Adjustable Bed

Arthritis and joint pain is a very common problem for many people. Approximately 350 million people worldwide experience some form of pain from it by the time they are 65. It is a chronic pain, that may become worse at times and better at others. Pain relievers can help to reduce it sometimes, but often you may need to make lifestyle changes assist your pain management.

Your doctor will likely talk to you about some of these changes. They may include tips and tricks for preventing flares or triggers. One of the main triggers to avoid is going to be poor sleep. At night, you need to be comfortable and avoid old mattresses that may cause pressure on your joints. Joint pain and all types of arthritis go hand in hand with insomnia, which has proven to escalate pain.

At Made to Last we understand that arthritis pain can negatively impact your enjoyment of everyday, simple pleasures. We strive to provide information and comfort to everyone who is suffering, by teaching them how to find relief from the pain. We can also help you discover how to help relieve arthritis pain with an adjustable bed. (more…)


Holywell king size adjustable bed

9 Health Benefits of an Electric Adjustable Bed

We have recently been working with a new factory to bring our customers a range of high quality remote controlled adjustable beds.

Adjustable beds were once considered to be an extra skeletal support tool that belongs only in hospitals.

Nowadays, things are a lot different. More and more people are beginning to appreciate the role of adjustable beds in the maintenance of good health and recovery from health conditions. According to research conducted by Sciencedirect on randomly selected male and female subjects who were experiencing some form of musculoskeletal pain, there was a significant pain reduction in those who slept on enhanced/adjustable beds. (more…)



Modern pendant lights made using pre-industrial techniques

Robert Wheeldon set up Aditstudios in 2013 and makes ceramic pendant lighting in a range of styles and finishes using traditional hand working techniques.

Following a career in photography and the film industry (in lighting), using the skills his father and grandfather gave him, it became obvious that he must take all that he had learned and make permanent physical objects.

This post will cover some questions that we had for Robert and will introduce you to perhaps the most interesting pendant lights you will ever come across. (more…)