Beacon Ochre Throw & Cushion

Traditional Merino Lambswool Woven Throws & Cushions.

Kerry Stokes established Chalk Wovens in 2013 with her husband Richard. Kerry worked as a freelance designer for many years designing wovens for companies across the world and it had always been her ambition to design and produce fabrics under her own umbrella. This is a short interview to find out more about Kerry and Chalk Wovens to get some insight into these beautiful products.



Bedside Cabinet - The Secret Agent

How 17th Century Pirates Influenced Modern Concealment Furniture

It is a while since we have had an interview with one of our manufacturers, so when Bill from Concealment Furniture approached us about selling his products on Made to Last we were given the perfect opportunity as his products are very unique and have such an interesting use case.

We hope that you enjoy this short interview with him – please click into the blog to ask any questions you have to Bill. (more…)


Helping Insomnia with an adjustable bed

Do adjustable beds provide better quality sleep?

Over millions of years our bodies have evolved and are intimately tied to the cycle of day and night. What is clear from all studies on sleep is how important good sleep is to our mental and physical well-being. The Guardian newspaper analysed 320 studies on sleep in a large scale report and found that with reduced sleep people suffer from a range of health issues and in extreme cases sleep deprivation can even lead to death.

This blog post is another in our series exploring the health benefits of adjustable beds. It will focus on why adjustable beds can provide us with better sleep. (more…)


side sleeping in adjustable bed

Is An Adjustable Bed Good for Side Sleepers?

How easy is it for you to go to sleep at night in a position other than your preferred one? A lot of people say that it is impossible to go from sleeping on their stomach to sleeping on their back. The truth is, it’s not all in your head. It can be based on how you are most comfortable. Some say that it is based on the type of person you are. Perhaps, this is why it is so hard to change how we sleep.

With our range of adjustable beds we have customers who typically sleep on their sides asking us if they are good for side sleepers. This post will take you through how side sleepers can get improved sleep through the use of an adjustable bed. (more…)



Balance through Simplicity – Living more Intentionally

Have you heard of minimalism? Is it a strange cult where people throw away everything and live in cold and soulless spaces?

Over the past few years we have been hearing more about minimalism and decluttering and after spending some time reading a few blogs realised that they were to a large extent talking about the same things that relate to our philosophy at Made to Last.

Specifically – The idea that we should focus on what is important to us in life and stop buying unnecessary things. Additionally, when we do make a purchase we should properly research it and buy something that will stand the test of time, that will get a lot of use and that will bring us joy.

Today we are interviewing Antonia Colins who runs the Balance through Simplicity blog about her experiences with minimalism. We hope you enjoy the read as there is some great advice for all of us here. (more…)


Coton king size adjustable bed with divan base

Is an Adjustable Bed Worth the Money?

A good night’s sleep is a simple pleasure in life that many people struggle to enjoy. Often, sleep problems stem from some underlying health issue that prevents us from falling asleep or staying asleep. A lack of sleep can drain the pleasure from your days.

We have had customers ask us whether an adjustable bed is worth the money and of course the simple answer is yes, but in this post we will be explaining why.