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Is An Adjustable Bed Good for Side Sleepers?

How easy is it for you to go to sleep at night in a position other than your preferred one? A lot of people say that it is impossible to go from sleeping on their stomach to sleeping on their back. The truth is, it’s not all in your head. It can be based on how you are most comfortable. Some say that it is based on the type of person you are. Perhaps, this is why it is so hard to change how we sleep.

With our range of adjustable beds we have customers who typically sleep on their sides asking us if they are good for side sleepers. This post will take you through how side sleepers can get improved sleep through the use of an adjustable bed.

How Do You Sleep Best?

One universal rule for people is that when we sleep, we all have a “go-to” position when we first lie down. This position may be dictated by our situation in life (illness or injury). It can be simply a habit, the way we have always slept.

Although exact figures seem to be a little unclear – there was a survey in the USA in 2011 that surveyed 3700 people and found that 74% of them are side sleepers. Another survey found that 56% of people are side sleepers. Of that 56%, there were 15% of us who sleep straightened out on our sides and then a much larger 41% of us who sleep in the fetal position.

Some of us may only go to sleep while lying on our back or our stomach. Others may be side sleepers. We often feel it is impossible to change it up and try a different sleep position. Even switching from the left side to the right side can throw off our entire night.

With each basic position, there are also variances. For instance, side sleepers may need to be straight as a board or curled into the fetal position. They may rest best when one leg is straight and the other is bent up and forward of their body.

Can you retrain your body to sleep in a different position? Should you change your sleep position?

If you wake up with aches, pains, or have medical issues such as acid reflux, then you may benefit from changing your sleep habits.

An adjustable bed offers many benefits, and can be ideal for side sleepers as well – remember adjustable beds do move vertically but the inclines can be controlled very precisely to suit each persons preferences. Small adjustments can make your sleeping experience feel very different.

Find Your Comfy Spot

When we lay down at night, our sleeping position can influence how well-rested we feel the next morning, or it can leave us in pain. The truth is, there are three basic sleep positions and each one can impact on your health and well-being.

Side Sleepers

Most people sleep on their sides. It is an instinctual position; and many experts say that it is the best sleep position for you.

side sleeping in adjustable bed

Pros: Side sleepers snore less and suffer from sleep apnea less. They experience less neck and back pain. There is evidence that it can reduce the risk of you developing some neurological diseases, especially if you sleep on your left side. Pregnant women are encouraged to sleep on their left side, especially during the last trimester. That’s because it improves circulation in your body and in the fetus, and it prevents your uterus from pressing against your liver, which is on your right side. You can get relief from acid reflux or heartburn on your left side.

Cons: We found some conflicting messages when we researched this. If you prefer to sleep on your right side, your circulation could suffer. It can restrict blood vessels. This could make you more restless during the night, wake up more often, etc. On the other hand some professionals say that  sleeping on the left side can put strain on the liver, stomach, lungs and other internal organs. Also if you have joint pain then sleeping on your side could exacerbate the pain.

Benefits of adjustable beds for side sleepers

  • An adjustable bed is great for side sleepers because it can elevate your upper body into a more comfortable and relaxed position where your knees are relaxed and that there is less pressure on your shoulders, hips, and neck.
  • Slight adjustments to the head elevation can reduce pressure on joints and improve circulaiton whilst still allowing you to maintain a side sleeping position.
  • Adjustable beds can be used to improve your blood circulation – this is especially good for people suffering from pain and inflammation. Again – just small adjustments can make a big difference.
  • Adjustable beds can also help side sleepers to fall asleep more easily if you adjust the bed into a position where you feel more comfortable. All of our adjustable beds come with an optional massage function that aids people who suffer from insomnia to relax more deeply and fall asleep more easily.
  • Adjustable beds help to prevent sleep apnea by raising the head a little and opening the airways. Extra pillows can do the same job but for side sleepers you cannot realistically use more than one pillow so an adjustable bed means that you can get the elevation needed to improve sleep apnea and at the same time not wake up with any neck pain.

Back Sleepers

There are many sleep study scientists who say that back sleeping is the best position for your body during sleep.

Pros: Some say that if you sleep on your back, you are lucky. You can worry less about wrinkles, acid reflux, pain in the back or neck, and more. This is most often attributed to the fact that is the “natural” or “neutral” sleep position. It is when your spine is supported and muscles relax.

Cons: The biggest downfall to back sleeping is snoring. If you are prone to snoring, being on your back will definitely bring it out. It can cause you to experience more sleep apnea.

Stomach/ Front Sleepers

Many people say that if they sleep on their stomach, they wake up sore. Others love sleeping in this position.

Pros: Pros: The biggest benefit of sleeping on your stomach is that you will snore less than other sleep positions.

Cons: Snoring can be annoying, but most people say that it is not worth the pain. Stomach sleepers do not get support for their spine. This can mean that they wake up with rotten backaches and neck pain.

More Health Benefits of Adjustable Beds

Basically, everything that your preferred sleep position can help or hurt can be improved by using an adjustable bed. Just consider the side sleep position, which can put too much pressure on certain areas of the body. With an adjustable bed, you can sleep on your side and your spine will still be in a neutral/relaxed position. Especially when combined with a comfortable mattress.

Brief history of Adjustable Beds

The first adjustable style bed was built in 1874. At this time, it was only adjustable on the head of the bed. This worked well, but in 1909, the adjustable bed got a makeover. It became adjustable in three different areas. The idea was that it would help patients heal after surgery. Their wounds could drain and as inflammation decreased the risk of infection would be lowered.

In 1974, the first adjustable beds for home use were released. They were expensive beds, which were not very popular. These beds were portrayed as a great place to relax and watch television.

Today, adjustable beds are very popular and widely used in the home as they have become a lot more affordable. Research has clearly shown that adjustable beds can relieve pain and suffering for a number of health issues.

Made to Last Adjustable Beds

Our adjustable beds are Made to Last.


Each bed is covered by a quality guarantee that protects your investment. When choosing an adjustable bed, you can choose the comfort level for the mattress that comes with it. We offer medium feel mattresses, soft feel, or firm mattresses with every adjustable bed.


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