Muscar Fluffy lights

A tactile lighting range you have never seen before

Lina Patsiou formed Muscar Fluffy Lights back in 2012. We put them onto Made to Last this week and wanted to share them with you as they are a very unique, and fun product that suits all kinds of houses and offices.

This is a short interview with Lina to introduce you to her lighting range. Click on any of the images to go to the product page and buy.

What do you make and why?

We make fluffy lightbulbs along with the light fittings that are fun to look at and more fun to hold. We like making people smile, through great, thoughtful and playful design.

Sky Blue Plug-in Fluffy Muscar Light
Sky Blue Plug-in Fluffy Muscar Light – £78.60

We know your products are great, you know your products are great but how can they know?

Because Muscars are truly unique! The muscar lightbulb is the only bulb in the world that is cool to the touch. So you can leave your muscar on the floor, the table or the couch. You can use it to read and keep your tummy warm, because you can have it on your lap!

Shock Orange Plug-in Fluffy Muscar Light
Shock Orange Plug-in Fluffy Muscar Light – £78.60

Whereabouts does your manufacturing take place?

Muscars are made by hand in a small facility in Watford. Most Muscars are made by Simon, a fibre specialist who inherited the workshop from his dad.

What is the toughest part of the product development process for you?

Keeping costs down. I am committed to making things locally, but this often increases costs. I want everyone to be able to enjoy a beautifully designed and locally made product, so a lot of effort goes into that.

What is the most enjoyable part of the process of product development for you?

I like visiting my producer! It is so nice to see your product being made, but also the passion that goes into it. It pleases me that I am part of this story.

Black Muscar Fluffy light Bulb
Black Muscar Fluffy light Bulb – £34.32
White Muscar Fluffy light Bulb
White Muscar Fluffy light Bulb – £34.32


Do you have any new products/ranges planned for the next year or so?

We will be introducing a black Muscar chandelier. It is great to eat under, very atmospheric and romantic!

What products or people have helped to inspire you to create the products that you do?

I was really inspired by Simon, my manufacturer. I was already looking at the process he specialises in for a project, and his passion for his craft really inspired me to look at it in a new way. This is how new things happen!

Fluo Yellow Plug-in Fluffy Muscar Light
Fluo Yellow Plug-in Fluffy Muscar Light – £78.60

Tell us something about yourself that not many people know

I am a total nerd, very obsessed with things done the right way. I can lose sleep over a small detail.

Which product in your range do you personally use the most and why?

I love the black muscar light!

Black Muscar Fluffy Mood Light
Black Muscar Fluffy Mood Light – £78.60

It lives on my sofa, and I use it all the time as a mood light, but also to read when I don’t want too much light. It can sit on my lap, so it lights just enough for me to read comfortably, like a candle.

Why did you name your products as you have?

Muscar is short for muscarillo, it is a little bird, super cute thing. Our Muscar lights also look like animals a bit perhaps?

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