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At Bee9 we believe in making products that help us live a natural, healthy lifestyle, and adapt to our evolving relationship with technology.

We decided to build a piece of furniture that would give us a better alternative to sitting at a desk, in a chair, for many hours a day.

Staying in a fixed sedentary position slowly robs us of our natural mobility and flexibility, and leads to muscular imbalances and bad posture.

Sitting on the floor and standing both promote movement. Staying in one position gets uncomfortable! It is also a natural way to keep our bodies healthy.

We have developed the Acute reading desk to make working and relaxing sat on the floor ergonomically more comfortable to do, with the option to use it as a standing desk, on top of a worktop.

The reading desk leans over at 15° to create an ideal surface to work on and is designed to be used with books, notepads, laptops and tablets.

The removable rest is made up of two parts, it keeps everything where it should be and allows you to adapt the surface to different tasks.

Keep your stuff at hand on the horizontal shelf, it provides convenient storage space and doubles as a stand for holding your tablet or smartphone.

The double sided design is perfect for browsing the web, or sitting back and watching video clips on your tablet.

Easy to move around, the Acute reading desk can find a space even in the smallest apartment.

Bee9 Acute Reading Desk

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About the Supplier

At Bee9, we design and make furniture that solves modern problems, and helps us to adapt to our evolving relationship with technology.


Oak, Pine
County of manufacture:
W50 x H46 x D40 cm


Delivery Cost:
£ 25.00
Delivery Time:
30 Days
Delivery Info:


Return Period:
14 Days
"As all of our products are made to order, unfortunately we don't accept refunds. However, if you do have an issue with your item we will make every effort resolve the issue.
Please retain the packaging to send the furniture back to us. We will always pay for return postage If the fault is ours."


Guarantee 10 Years
Guarantee Length:
10 years
Guarantee Terms:
If our furniture develops a structural fault, or stops working as expected we will fix it, replace or refund you. If the fault is due to furniture being exposed to heat sources and weather, this would be considered inappropriate use and therefore be outside the guarantee.


UK, Latvia
County of Manufacture:

Care & Maintenance

For everyday care, wiping with a slightly damp, clean cloth is fine. Any stain should be removed immediately from the surface with mild solution of soap & water. Use coasters to prevent heat from marking the finish.

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