Bedside Cabinet - The Secret Agent

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The Secret Agent can be used as a bedside cabinet in the bedroom or as a lamp table in the living area. These cabinets can be made with the secret compartments either on the right side or the left side, ideal for one unit each side of the bed.

The Secret Agent is of heirloom quality that has been built to last for generations. Each piece is customisable you can choose your own sizes, choice of timbers or even change the style.

Whether you want to secure jewellery, IT gadgets, cash or any other secrets, the Secret Agent provides quick and easy access and gives you that little extra piece of mind.

Bedside Cabinet - The Secret Agent

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About the Supplier

Concealment Furniture LTD designs and makes furniture with Secret Compartments, specifically designed to hide your most valued posessions. All our products are made from the finest hardwoods and built to last a lifetime.


County of manufacture:
Argyll and Bute
Width: 500mm X Depth: 400mm X Height: 630mm
100% Hardwood


Delivery Cost:
£ 0.00
Delivery Time:
90 Working Days
Delivery Info:
Our wait time varies depending on the project. For smaller items such as bedside cabinets or a coffee table, your lead time is about 8 to 10 weeks. We do keep a limited amount of stock items, and if choosing something that we have in stock, it should be with you in about 2 weeks. We offer free delivery on all our furniture.


Return Period:
14 Days
Defective or damaged product returns will be handled on a case-by-case basis. We guarantee our workmanship, and in the unlikely event that our product is defective we will offer a full refund or exchange for a similar model. Please contact Made to Last with details of why you want to return the product and we will coordinate with the manufacturer for you.


Guarantee 5 Years
Guarantee Length:
5 years


UK & Europe
County of Manufacture:
Argyll and Bute

Care & Maintenance

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