Alice Robson Narrow Beaded Rings

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A gorgeous, narrow, sterling silver ring encrusted with tiny silver granules. Looks great on its own or grouped together with one or two additional wide or narrow beaded rings.

Looks great worn with a single beaded wide ring (see here) or on its own. This is a really unusual and unique piece. The inside of the ring is curved making it extremely comfortable to wear.

If you don’t already know your size then pop into your local high street jewellers and ask them to measure your finger.

Alice Robson Narrow Beaded Rings

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AR- BR01

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About the Supplier

Naturally beautiful gold and silver jewellery handmade from Alice Sussex Garden studio.


County of manufacture:

Approx 2-3 mm wide

J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S


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£ 0.00
Delivery Time:
7 Days
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0 days
Delivery Info:
Free delivery within 7 days for UK orders.


Return Period:
28 Days
All unworn pieces (except earrings and 'made to order' pieces) can be returned within 14 days of receipt for a full refund (to the original card it was purchased from) or up 28 days for an exchange or credit note. Credit notes are valid for 12 months.


Guarantee 2 Years
Guarantee Length:
2 years
Guarantee Terms:
Silver naturally tarnishes over time particularly if not worn, it is best to reguarly clean items to avoid bad tarnishing, silver dip and a silver cloth work best.

Tarnishing is not covered in the guarantee.

The guarantee covers the workmanship of the jewellery and if there is a fault due to the manufacturing of the jewellery then it will be repaired or replaced within 3 weeks of being returned.

Please ensure that jewellery is not worn in bed, while doing any manual job, or in water if possible.

It is important that jewellery is kept in its box while not being worn to avoid contact with other pieces which could damage it.

Earrings are particularly vunerable to posts being bent when stored with other pieces or kept loose in a bag.

A repair service is available where jewellery has been damaged by the client.


All silver and gold is obtained via one of the largest and most prestigious metal supply companies in the UK. Stones and beads purchased from reputable companies that have been in operation for many years.
County of Manufacture:

Care & Maintenance

All jewellery purchased from Alice Robson should be handled with care. The Alice Robson collections are all made from Sterling Silver, 9ct or 18ct gold and will be hallmarked according to the Hallmarking Act 1973. Individual silver pieces under 7.8g (gold under 1g) are not required to be hallmarked by law and it those cases will not be hallmarked. All stones are semi precious or precious and will vary in hardness and strength. There are some stones that are not appropriate for setting in rings, but for more advice on this please visit Alice in the workshop.

Even though metal is fairly hard wearing as with any item that is worn it will wear with age. Rings worn next to each other will rub and wear down over time, but handled with care your jewellery should last a long time. Keeping it clean, regularly silver dipping or polishing with a silver cloth, will avoid your silver pieces from becoming overly tarnished and becoming very difficult to clean. We are more than happy to clean any Alice Robson piece if you bring it with you when you visit us in the workshop. The ‘Beaded’ and ‘Pod’ range do build up dirt in between the granules and sheet sections, so once in a while they do benefit from being heated up, dipped in acid and retumbled to bring back their original sparkle.

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